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CONCEPT HOTEL, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA Las vegas is a place of paradox. On the one hand it’s an adult orientated paradise, on the other, a child friendly theme park. It professes to be about family fun, choice and spectacle, yet behind this façade lies an intricate web of surveillance, and carefully orchestrated environments that carefully conceals its mechanisms and agendas. Set on The Strip on a corner site, the proposed hotel stands as a 33m wide x 210m long x 70m high device that takes the dualities of Las Vegas and uses them as its design theme. Hotel Schizophrenia is the ghost train to the strips other hotel ‘rides’. Image, appearance, absence, presence, shadow and light are all explored to create noir-like environments that take the back room, the secret, hidden and unknown and puts them centre stage. The underground car park with its surveillance roof plane, along with the hotels casinos full of darkness and projected image, all serve to induce a claustrophobia that is only released upon arriving within the hotels bedrooms. Lined up down the full length of one side of the building, these rooms peer outward via ‘1:2.35 widescreen’ slot windows, which offer both solitude and confront the reality of Vegas as an artificial oasis in a sea of desert.