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TOPSY TURVY WORLD, CHILDRENS PLAY CENTRE, BRENT, LONDON A new business requested a design for a children’s play centre that had a different ideology to other existing centres and would offer a superior experience for child and supervising parents alike. The design was developed from an observation that the play centre market was dominated by facilities housed within simple industrial sheds with cheap fast food style catering. Whilst this new centre was to provide the latest in secure and safe play equipment it was also to offer good quality organic food in order to fully promote healthy living. Avoiding a shed aesthetic the design aimed to provide a distinctive building that could launch and brand the new business venture. A simple building of two service wings supporting a floating mezzanine level and the large double height play area was housed under a huge projecting roof plane in corrugated blue plastic that additionally provided cover to outside spaces. A rubberised ground surface continued from the inside to these outside areas as a continuous surface. To keep costs down the cladding of the building used a triple wall insulated opal plastic sheet that in being translucent, admitted diffused light, whilst the lower sections at ground floor level used clear full height glazing to connect with the surrounding artificial landscape and the trees to the rear of the site.