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RECYCLED TENNIS FACILITIES, CANFORD PARK, BRISTOL BS9 The client was looking to build a low cost, and environmentally friendly tennis facility that would promote tennis as a fun and accessible game to children of all ages within the local community. The aim of the project was to be a unique example of how such facilities could be built to pioneer green and social values within this type of facility. In providing a structure that would cover two of eight existing outdoor tennis courts within a council run park, the proposal looked to create a covered outside space rather than an enclosed permanent building structure. Keeping the space essentially as an outside space would both help to minimise the amount of servicing requirements, whilst breaking down the physical or perceived barriers between the tennis courts and other park users / passersby. The facilities looked to use recycled materials in addition to solar power to be cost effective, robust and environmentally responsible. Shipping containers.
As a ready formed, water-tight enclosure these containers can be fitted out to house a series of facilities. The containers can be closed up when not in use and are secure and vandal proof. Railway Sleepers.
With a series of containers standing at around 2.6m in height, there exists an opportunity to use the top of them as viewing platforms. Built in terraces the sleepers provide raked spectator seating as well as a means of accessing the platforms above. Recycled Tyres.
In order to provide a flat and safe surface on which people can stand it is proposed to use a poured rubber surface to the shipping crate platforms. Structured Polycarbonate sheet The court enclosure itself is to be clad in polycarbonate as a cost effective solution of providing cover to a large area.