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TEMPORARY FOLLY, LONDON PLEASURE GARDENS, PONTOON DOCK, THE ROYAL DOCKS, LONDON E16 'LIFT TO THE SCAFFOLD' NUNSWITHGUNSDESIGN was commissioned by RIBA London to design a folly for the Royal Victoria Dock’s London Pleasure Gardens as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2012. Inspired by the magical fairy tale silhouette animation films of Lotte Reiniger, the folly’s primary aim is to provide an environment on an exposed site within which to shelter from the wind and rain. The folly takes the form of a cage supported upon a timber structure, raised above the landscape and resembling an industrial water tower. The weather proof enclosure is formed by a cylinder made from translucent stretch membrane whilst a bench encircles a central suspended red light. This is an enclosure in which to be cut off from rather than view out over the surrounding area. The position of the light in relation to the people inside casts their shadows onto the membrane like a projection screen, to reveal them trapped/imprisoned within a cage. Their movement unwittingly becomes a performance to unseen spectators in the pleasure garden outside: they are hidden, yet they are in fact exposed, in private they are on public show. With its red light, leopard skin seat covering and cage like structure, the design alludes to the spectacle, exoticism and the forbidden which the victorian pleasure garden offered as a place of entertainment.