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ISLAND RETREAT, HOG ISLAND, GRENADA A small un-inhabited island off the coast of Grenada was muted as a potential site for a new retreat that would have strong environmentally conscious concerns. Accessed by boat only, the island would offer a secluded destination comprised of a main hotel, separate pool building and a smattering of villas around the islands coastline. With an emphasis in the client brief placed upon recording studio facilities, the island was also to be designed as a venue that could provide a relaxing environment for musicians to be creative away from the disruptions of life. The comfortable co-existence of the retreats architecture within the ecology of the island were of primary importance to all concerned. The buildings were to be built out of timber with all internal spaces being reliant on natural ventilation and sustainably sourced materials and energy. The main hotel bedroom buildings were designed as a series of raised tree houses that offered an artificial canopy under which the rest of the hotels spaces were located. Here outside and inside became completely interchangeable so that the occupants were both within built structures and landscape at all times.