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4 bedroom apartment
area: 2390sqft / 222sqm
value at completion: £4 million The brief was to join 2 apartments within the same Victorian villa (a 1 bed and a 2 bed above it) together to make a four bedroom family apartment and to generate a sense of scale and grandeur throughout its spaces. Cutting a large hole in the floor/ceiling to connect the 2 apartments and reconfiguring the plan required significant structural alterations and the resulting void space at over 5.5m high presented the opportunity to introduce a staircase with a difference. Taking centre stage, and designed as a place of drama, the act of going up and down stairs was designed to be a fun and memorable experience. Here over 500 leather clad panels, steel tension cables and an internally lit acrylic handrail were combined to create a dramatic design solution. Due to existing window positions, the stairs construction was altered halfway up moving from timber on the lower section to thinner folded steel, so as not to obscure the light and views at the upper floor level. Within a simple palette of black, white and brown, a range of materials and textures - marble, limestone, rust, polished chrome, flock, leather, white ash, oak, and copper - were combined to enhance the visual and tactile qualities of the apartment.