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3 bedroom penthouse apartment
area: 3276sqft / 304sqm The owners had been trying to find a suitable design for 18 months before we were asked to be involved in the complete refurbishment of their penthouse apartment. With its curving glazed façade and multi-angled roof plane this split-level mezzanine apartment required an unconventional and creative approach to make the most of its available floor area and create a coherent and practical layout for family life. Circulation spaces were treated with the same care as the rooms themselves where leather panelled walls concealed ‘hidden’ doors to various rooms and nickel impregnated oak floorboards provided a runway that connected the apartments two levels via a new central staircase. With various walls and screens throughout the apartment being used to project both tv and movie images onto, different reflective surfaces - mirror, glass, stainless steel, stone tiles, polished plaster- were employed to further blur the distinctions between the real and the virtual. The clients desire to achieve ‘floating’ cantilevered glass steps was a particular challenge due to the unavoidable thickness of the stairs central support wall. Highly polished stainless steel cladding was used to reflect the LED lit glass treads and create the illusion that the wall wasn’t there.