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CONCEPT PROJECT FOR CONCORDE TERMINAL/MUSEUM, HEATHROW AIRPORT This building was formed as a response to the imminent ‘death’ of concorde, serving initially as a working terminal building for concorde passengers and then as a museum to the plane once it was retired from service. Secondly the design concerned itself with three aspects of airport as a place.
How in the modern airport any clarity of design drowns within the sea of retail outlets and services, how the machine scaled environment of the airport is anaesthetised by arrival/departure lounges, and how the airport exists as a non-place between international borders. The proposal looked to promote clear distinctions and definitions of space by forming arrivals and departures ramped ‘runways’ that gave the building its distinct form. Its other intent was to create a series of spaces in which people would be exposed to the alienating scale and danger of the airport runway and its planes, whilst also offering womb-like spaces into which they could withdraw to and feel protected. In this way the buildings layered ‘epitaph’ façade explored edges, boundaries, proximity, erosion, view, and separation to heighten the experience of an airport being a place of limbo, suspended states, movement, and fragmentary exposure.