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CITY CENTRE REGENERATION, BOTTROP, GERMANY Bottrop is a city like many other places worldwide that is undergoing a post-industrial identity crisis. Once a distinct place, bottrop has slowly been consumed by creeping urban sprawl to exist as a fragment of a larger conurbation. The proposal aimed to breath life back into a centre languishing in a sea of second-rate retail, car parks and poorly defined public spaces. The plan consisted of 5 design moves that created a series of ‘nodes of interest’, linked together by rejuvenated streets and public spaces. 1.empty car parking areas were removed from the heart of the site and relocated as a multi-storey unit on the perimeter of the city centre. To avoid a singular use building this new car park structure also housed sports centre facilities on its various levels. 2.The old car parks were filled in with courtyard residential buildings with small-scale towers and mixed-use units on the street frontages. 3.The downtrodden pedestrianised main street was upgraded by refronting all the buildings with new facades, making a historic streetscape that related to an existing church and square. 4. A wide thoroughfare was reduced to a couple of lanes and heavily planted to form a tree-lined avenue with street parking for residents along its edges. 5. At the intersection of 3 and 4 a new urban square and civic building were placed to create a ‘destination’ and aid peoples