#54. JEREMY BENTHAMS BLUES albert speer
was all he wanted to appear
in monumental cityscapes
to make his mark
to be noticed to have a name
to have the biggest dome
to profess ‘til the end that he didn’t know if there’s a law that’s widely ignored
it’s to avoid justifying anything
just ‘cos it happens to get some work in the door
some cash in the hand
that will only be spent
for isn’t how we act all that’s left at the end? are we simply shipping the problem on
across the tides of time
through the generations
are we called out couriers
knowing carriers
or just still born servants to an ancient master
distraction delays and we no longer find fear
amongst the spirits of those who within their age were standing like us at this same point here
their struggle to get by
to spot the signs
to understand the causes of the crime
and the repetitive cycles of mistake
whether bit part players in the game or on the fringes and on the take there are many around digging holes in the ground
and filling them again
pouring concrete in
who are these people?
where does the money come from?
who are buildings for?
are they the magic-less mushrooms of mimicry or more malignant motivations
who decides design?
who falls in line?
what will be the cost of this construction?