#53. FIDDLING ON THE FRINGE admit it we’re just polishing turds
faffing around with facades
then putting in the hours
to justify it in words
there’s a denial of cycle
a denial of impact
a denial of responsibility
and a denial of fact
this wholesale belief
that there’s not much we can do
that there’s a process in place
so we just do what we do
so many denials
on the most basic of levels
it’s a denial of the denial that remains fundamental i don’t have any particular objection
if we’re happy to accept our buildings havin’ a single agenda
let’s just make ‘em all multiplied mathematical blocks
at least to be honest, to end the pretence the most efficient core " " width " " height " " depth for anything else it’s really too late
especially the never-to-be-resolved artistic debate
for things have moved on and we’re way off the pace
our past of pioneers and experimentations despite decoration
when it comes to the crunch, are all too easily forgotten
we no longer seem capable of taking exception
challenge, dispute or call into question
so instead of any ideological pursuits
(considered sentimental among sensible suits)
we’re sat in the corner
we’re given some crayons and when the sums have been done (and after a warning……..)
we’re finally allowed to start colouring in we’re having the wrong conversations
it’s not about the science of turning land into £’s
instead of those desperate and lazy equations our preoccupations should bow to other laws
a higher cause
the collective and what’s at the core the SPIRIT
SOUL and SEARCHING more attributed to art
of what architecture is
what a building should be
of what is the sum and what are the parts