#52. HOW WAS IT EVER meant to be for the better
when the real situation
had become for so many
that even with supposedly half decent wages it was 10 times your salary, 100% mortgages £50k deposits were never that likely
for how can you save in this most expensive of cities so overstretch and sign your life away
to the interest-only balls and chains

always scrambling seemingly higher
everyone dreaming of being sellers not buyers to such an extent that
we completely forgot that
the ground that we were actually standing upon like our brick/window housing
was built on infill
on the surface, solid backfill
the turfed-over land fill
of don’t-let-them-find-out former mine-shafted lands the precipice high wire
the decency denier
homes aren’t for all
but the price-is-right pyre
we’re all too quick to believe
trusting too much in others
and what they tell us they see

ignore that dust driftin’ up on the horizon beyond the banal, built on plains that they pride themselves upon
too greedy, too desperate to signal the warning poorer pitiful times loom just round the corner so what is left for me and you
once this cold brittle wind has whistled on through but go back to illusions substituting substance more transparently apparent apparitions
and commercial self-interests as our only police