#50. WATCHING A WORKSITE sometimes when you look
the smallest thing appears a whole lot bigger the head of a screw becomes the size of a house the human hand becomes the size of a digger clinging on to this warmth that fades in and out with persistant hot rays the temperature knife-edge of a not-yet-summer day the washing is on the rack why use the dryer days like these remind you
how powerful the sun and wind are
how simple it can be
how simple it is
there’s a feeling you know with the breeze on your skin above the roofscape the clouds carry on sliding
(least i think they are)
it takes a whole lot of squinting in order to tell
next door there are men working on an east london line station a wall panel floats by as they’re craning it in sipping some apple juice
by a small apple tree
that’s sat in a square pot on this balcony
with bob singing slow train and balancing a book
on a couple of dutch painters that got me thinkin’ a bit
what thoughts are there in buildings? what ideals can be done?
its becoming harder to see
so maybe for me it’s just the wrong medium