#49. WALKING THE PLAN K all this is vacuous
what to do except
just accept
you’re something of a conveyor belt creature? fencing off voids
making the rich ever richer?
turn up as a tool
plug yourself in
drag yourself in
becoming nothing but a means to an end but the means are just mean
and it’s nothing short
of a cultural crime, something of a sin this outright betrayal
have you missed the boat that you fear now has sailed? you’re a ghost of yourself
replaying the past in search of some truth
because why and whose gonna
choose YOUR particular can on the shelf
all surface
no feeling
no caress
this is your offer
and you think given the chance that you could still be the best
whilst the bright light refuses to dim
everyone’s out there and they all want to swim to join ‘em you know that you probably oughta but you kinda suspect
that it’s still, stagnant water
that (in this city) the rats have pissed in
so you stand on the edge
a hostage to the structures
of middle class scriptures
destined to never make any real difference
you kid yourself that you’re making your choices
but the only thing you’ve managed to successfully build
is a corner constructed by your self-consciousness