#46. HOWDY, GAUDI (FINALLY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS...) we scaled the steps past the tiered fountain resisted lookin’ back down through the lens
but gazed out on the sea, the sky, the city the hills, the haze, the distant blur
of all the things that ever were
about our collective day to day survival ambling along grand boulevards
the outer rings of districts carved
where diagonals display modernity’s old angles that desertscape of heat and fumes
the siesta will be happenin’ soon
when stillness reigns
and seeps out from vast pavements bounced off walls and scorching plants
a barking dog and crashing plates
every surface in time becomes a radiator stood firm but porous masonry
strung up washing swaying free
tied to a fabric all constrained by corners our descent into the labyrinth murk
to rendered walls all slashed in half
where balconies peer down into dark and cobbled cuttings cool winds descend to chill the skin
‘cept in the gathered warmth of small clearings there was something there
that reaffirmed the spirit a piercing of shattering household clatter slices through the hum of tourist chatter
all surface sounds against a deeper echo
the darkened doorways here remain medieval that dominant hulk of towering cathedral calls forth the fragile nature of the soul i felt the coldness of the stone
the hands of ghosts and times now gone the eternal void suspends the dust of ages
then, just as now was becoming then
it ends
abruptly broken by bright light again and up high, below, a terracotta blanket and standing small within this midst
it was hard to think a whole century had past
those shapes still appear from another planet the cool blue courtyard, underwater stair
the rolling rooftop you’d never guess was there
makes clear the heights of human imagination released into open cliff-faced squares
stand glorious piers and daunting stairs
climb fingers prodding matt blue air
carved flowers, tiled curving forms and figures the craft, the touch of human hands
towards a cause
to feelings beyond command restores ones faith that there can
be more than doing it for the money