#45. HAVIN' OPTIONS IS GETTIN' HARDER TO SEE and so it has come to pass
the modest sign
of the greasy spoon caff
and that 1970s smoked tinted glass are the things now in line next
those digital age texts
of tired buck rogers
office entrance foyers
it seems have finally met their match in the east end old school boozer
shelter remnant crews of one time bruisers all glasses and blurred blue tattoos
while just across, 2 streets away
pour the sanitised suited brigades
leave the monetary mutter
sharp slate ‘n steel gutters
to where the back street pigeons echo and flutter
across dormant sites and derelict shite
suspiciously empty in this changing light
the weeds suggest a return to nature
but it’s just hidden owners
that lie quietly in wait for temporary exhibitions
designer do-it-yourself occupations and appropriation of disused spaces
of perimeter boards
but hoxton’s hirsute hoards are only on probation
opportunity seizes
forcing time to unfreeze as
the past that had managed to linger on 20th century coma - bulldozers awoken someone,
has made the decision
nothing remains off the radar for long
weakened structures, smelt out by vultures
window bars and rust
darkened glass by traffic dust
are smoke signals drifting on the global grapevine unwanted buildings stand idle in line
it’s not a matter of if but instead only when
the sale in most cases has already been done long gone greengrocers
lifeless job centre
buildings closed behind padlocked shutters
not put to use potential homes
litter this front line exclusion zone
this fabric has been sewn up
it’s not a case of no investment
for every hole, every shack, is a price and a plot within our waiting rooms of local affliction
this photographers dream of run down dereliction carries a currency beyond most peoples means and IS a reality as hopeless
as it actually seems
and only because it's convenient for others
who happen at this time to just choose it to be