#43. DECLARATIONS OF WAR whatever next?
you’d never have guessed
another front page commission in the can yes this time
it seems time
for crystal island
quel surprise!
more inattentive greenhouse deeds
now proposed to cement a tent
(i thought the point was they weren’t permanent) a building so big as to be a city
and that’s one more type of typology
that can be proudly ticked off the list azerbaijan
any other former soviet lands
cultures brought up to speed and planned
a bit of western design confirms
the pipelines in place and it won’t be disturbed the 21st century installed to make things more safe on the surface it seems hard to argue against
nevermind human rights
dictators, corruptors or social suppressors
the march of democracy shouldn’t be stopped in full flight this is building brought about liberation
opportunities offered to world oppression
depressed economies and developing regions moving on to the black sea
only getting blacker by what i see
for someone’s decided it shouldn’t be
what it’s naturally been for millions of years
so with buildings like cities
we now get onto messing about with our countries zapped by the 1950’s shrinking gun
incredibly reducing all that’s russian
here the world is an island
but not as you might think
it isn’t that of the sky at night
no its floating in the sea down there (just off the united ahab emirates)
artifice and islands produced from poured rocks meaninglessness formed into meaningful shapes abstractions that can only be seen from the air makes no sense at all but to multi-millionaires
global tampering
the sphere of design - egotistical pampering emerging economies
circling vultures
none of it matters
people, history or culture
and within our shores we’re not immune putting a price on 4000 year old dunes trumped up ideas
national investment fears and rank desperation
not only coastlines are victims of worrying erosion i've been thinkin’ about towers
i've been thinkin’ about floods and the state of flood barriers
i've been thinkin’ about power and the worlds heritage sites how no one seems to be thinkin’
about what’s wrong or what’s right
we’ve gotten our palms mixed up with our psalms pre-occupied with all this oil and arms
to the extent that what we have here at hand is perfected houses built blindly on sand sometimes i think the humble pigeon
on it’s walking-across-the-street suicide missions
stupid? maybe
but somehow it's got something right
in moderating it’s use of flight
just because we can raises the question of whether we should in equal measure