#42. OUT NOT AN INLAW with a mouse in my hand, not a bottle of ink
is it futile to try, is it futile to think?
my hats got sharp lines like the preacher outlaw keeps ideas in my head with my left hand i draw i’m 32 paces down the end of the street
this towns full to the brim
with a mixture of moaners
and one armed bandits
shot at and got at, told to holster the gun they’ve got no idea but they keep riding in i thought democracy was about participation but we’ve observer status
and we’re left watching it happen
in peep show shadows we crouch and hide the under 35’s architectural brigade watching formulas closed theories
opportunity denied
we’re child spectators at an adult match
sidelined substitutes stuck on the bench
“you’re not big enough yet” and “you’ll get hurt”
it’s like asking you’re grandparents what’s in the charts
conceived in the mid 1970’s
delivered in the 80’s and received in the 90’s now in danger of being already washed up somewhere in the first of this millennium’s decades what is the problem, what’s there not to like
there ain’t no enforced mass national strikes
you make your choices ‘n take ya chances
there’s plenty of work and people power
so why’s there a feeling of getting increasingly lower this finger pointing is becoming a weight
why talk instead of getting’ on with it?
by building a building and joining the throng and paddling up river toward a modest income for the love of the craft?
but it’s just not enough
i can’t find the patience
and the ride is too rough
plus we’re in a time of apathy
there’s things happening but if they’re seen there seems no voice to speak a sound
most accept what’s happening with head in sand will no-one make any kind of stand?
the safe options of our present day
the youth spirit of our fathers remains betrayed that multitude of 60’s colours
reduced increasingly in soft focus
to static shades a whole lot duller
some honesty could lead to some clarity
to recognise ourselves today
to criticise the multitude of mirage facades written up in storeys so many
and buildings so large