#41. EASY COME, EASIER GONE spinning, whirling, vertical drilling grabbing, clawing, frenzied clearing frantic floodlights
half past three in the afternoon nights a hole you could get a meteor in you’re eyes slowly adjusting
to the ridiculous scale of things
fluorescent specks that are actually men miniature movements
tonka toy diggers
building sites can surely get no bigger steel like veins severed, twisted, poking out brutal cross section
crumbling concrete cuts
former places of inhabitation meet the precipice of destruction pot plants, family photos, where work was done
safe, secure surroundings, now almost gone
last remnants teetering on the brink
while around the ground continually sinks once sealed volumes now laid bare
pierced, run through with gusts of open air rain slashing across the jagged edges wallpaper dangling, put through the shredder that smart, corporate, shiny marble world reduced to rubble and plywood boards the revelations of excavations
the art, the sequencing of demolition
can’t help but feel it’s more interesting
than what they’re gonna probably be constructing same faceless glass
polite portland stone
why not instead just leave this hole?