#39. ABDICATIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY you’d be more than concerned if you’d finished to learn
to be told where IT’s at from your parents
the problem for us is we’re always looking up
to see IT happening still for people the age of our grandparents! they cannot decide what to do when they’re the gone the heads of the “British Building Design Corporations” and which of the inmates will be in charge of the asylum
to continue the work and to carry the style on
with the safety, the comfort, the protection of fame
of the sect, the religion, of playing under the name
to ensure that the machinery keeps on rotating
a second rate production line with no deviation whilst somewhere else across the city sits....
the sitting committees that steer the profession while what’s being built is splitting the nation they can’t even decide whether discrimination should be positive or negative or exist?
and thus neither
or whether it's
racism or sexism
or both?
or maybe even
it’s too much about jobs for the privileged
on the same old pegs they’re still hanging prejudice
so condemn the lucky middle classes who have it so easy and make all the money
but everyone’s out for themselves, we’re all feeling sorry
the president calls for increased integration while his outfit occupies the shortlist competition places by barging
it’s established way in
that typical omni-present professional sin youthful delusions
old stager collusions
is there nothing much to offer
but pretend it’s not happening? for isn’t it really about the same old battles
of commerce and art and the eternal struggle
with carpets slid out and table cloth whipping
tied to a job that implodes without warning
the snorting hoards of made up schisms
and continual complaints of favouratism
as if that was ever at all something new
they wouldn’t care to mention ‘The Chosen Few’
if it was them on the inside with the deals going down those sad mime artist faces surely wouldn’t hang around so moving on
despite still not solving our own problems
they’re busy questioning the build up of cities
and moving from buildings, toward shaping societies it’s getting too big, getting out of control
it’s about 18million cities, and outgrowth we are told but their perspective has totally gone
their sense of themselves, and what can be done
by building a building, in whatever name
there’s no sense that society should ever be tamed by anyone, however strategically planned
go ask the people of former communist lands
or those in the wastelands of the downtown west