the guardians of fleeting fancy
too close to the action
all loyalist members
of the introvert faction
splitting the hairs and counting in fractions
with big boy architects they’re all in cahoots
while some get more airplay because that’s modern fair play
the cheap easy shots always still get the boot....
and so it is that......
outrage and resignation!
are shown toward warsaw’s art gallery competition
a good old fashioned dose of blatant vote rigging
surely outside the fair fight of western free-market capitalism but over here it‘s only that it remains better hidden
for in being at A
unapologetic aspiration seems the eastern way
and it’s straight-forward logic says go onto B the only difference is that we pretend there’s a C
so used to prosperity offered up on a plate to fight for survival
what it takes they forget
the usual suspects, the elite short-list group it’s usually a done deal all they do is turn up

most spend careers chasing rainbow ends
but they always seem to end up getting the pots
they’ve often deserved
exactly what they’ve now got
for were they ever concerned with national regeneration? the ordinary and everyday people’s promotion?
or walking away their portfolio grown
another weird shaped object in another world town another experiment symbol that nobody needs
another city overshadowed by another outsiders ideas so they’ve left up in arms
to a man the feeling is derision
at the ‘bent’ judges ‘corrupted’ decision
for they somehow didn’t read the well choreographed script the ‘who’s who of architecture’ rule book
that they simply seemed to skip
but as they head back to their western airports
all that scowling anger and dissatisfaction
maybe one of ‘em might ask the question
that by ‘fixing’ the contest for one of their own
in a land where picking the crops they have grown
are women ‘n children on hands ‘n knees (it’s still known)
where people shoulder hardship with a tone of defiance
where resilience, invasions and imposing visions
are the national monument and the corner stone
so was it actually a ‘fixing’ as they’d have it be
or a moment of pride driven clarity
from a people finally given their chance in history
to reform their own collective identity