#33. NO REAL REVOLUTIONS we cry foul we then forget
there’s no consistency to what we object
its too late
too wrong to argue
that is was simply fate
we've done nothing to stop
the lock market threat our belated moaning
is the soundtrack to juggernauts turning
decades of difference
arches of incense and alternative grime
into more boring buildings and stalls sanitised expect fair playing fields
the dance with the devil
but its mostly the spirit that’s really being levelled
expect morals and ethics
from green eyed monster profits
the greater good has left us
its just hoped for
and at best paid lip service
every time we will go for the money
still wondering why we never make any there’s definitely something about us architects
tragically predictable and defiantly wet
in the face of financiers there's only self hate
where in the hell’s the mass ‘68
street riot protest and social unrest
inaction, indifference, weariness
this is where we’ve failed a test spending your time agonising over fabrics
like that’s gonna make any significant difference
whether it’s a tastefully toned off white chenille
or clean bricks or grained wood or more sharp glass and steel
it’s ever widening cracks and picking wallpapers
for the multitude of urban designers there are positives though that haven’t been mentioned
yes we've moved onto building desert space stations
and ever taller buildings for what that’s worth
for the sake of it seems to be the truth so when it happens again in this weeks news
more casual demolition
and lamentations ineffectual views
it’ll be a different name the following day
and we’ll forget our principles just the same