#31. SPONSORING SPOTLIGHTS the stadiums shadow we pass to some other place just around the corner
to those with eyes it serves as the warning of what will surely come to haunt us
standing proud for it’s magazine features
insensitive to it’s other street-level status
the olympic image of social injustice
already sweeping through peoples Beijing and soon to be installed at price rise London equivocal, cynical above all else political
structures combined to make cities the denial of the un-housed individual
rammed home impotence
our misplaced importance
the street scape as a whole or a microcosm
is a building the voice of just one man? on the receiving end of someone’s will
helpless in the face of the done deal circumstance and hidden orders
discrete whispers have served to spawn ‘em
as with times before again in awe we will watch it happen
from the ancients on down to those man-made suns urban fabric being split
into those who can avoid the ticket touts
and those who are always being served the writs
displacement, replacements, wholesale clearance
everything's about appearance
putting down pesky protesters
roundin’ up the unsightly dissenter knocked down homes, enforced evictions
well oiled wheels freed from any friction
gut and rip the insides out strip the walls level the land remove what it was previously all about a slate on which to start again and after years with no investment seen
throw bucket loads of the money in
n’ sever the decaying limbs
sabotage sewers to overrun
across the unkempt parts of town
districts will be opened up
cleaned of locals, forcibly all shipped out unblocked, unlocked by regeneration here cometh the wrecking ball salvation drum up business drum up trade
drum up all enthusiasm
try to avoid another national spasm
no questions asked
no answers given
some have to lose for others winning
get out of town - olympics coming