#30. WASTE OF SPACE there’s freedom in the library
but the students have to pay
aren’t books meant to be for everyone?
not down at the r.i.b.a!
meanwhile TV think tanks provide decisions
that buildings are anti-social and cause too much derision
whilst back at headquarters apparently what we’re meant to believe
is that no-one gets it, no-one can conceive
of all the good intentions in shaping society so they’re rebranding again
they’re getting’ big name advertising agencies in
you couldn’t even credit that the supposed problem
is architects being associated with buildings
of all things
they don’t like it at all as they sit on the tube
they don’t see the rag that they’re reading
is already obscure
so whether it's b or a d its more f and more all
more missing the point
more fighting shadows and more imagining wars
for commuters i doubt there’s been too much mystery
just headlines without meaning and names no-one sees
for buildings stand as obstacles to get round
the trees that aren’t seen for the wood
these accidents of architecture
neither bad nor that good