#29. SENTIMENTS FROM THE CITY i’d like to drive me a tractor
a great big ol’ muck spreader
a flock of sheep on a route of grass
let loose a herd of cows that eat only glass get me a sledge hammer
and a pair of wellington boots
i’d hit all the basements and get right to the roots
give ‘em a tap and open some cracks
let in some light, walk away, and don’t look back those edifices will crash and fall
exposin’ what they’re about wall after wall taking each other down like huge dominos
n’ clearing the jungle in order to show
that there are opportunities
for small things to grow i’ll take some twine ‘n raise some stakes
i wanna litter these streets with hidden rakes
while the 25 storey flowers in this forget-me-not show
cast everything else into deeper shades of shadow the motives of forces that remain unseen
can kill you off in increments of degrees
slowly you forget why you spent all those years
just to end up helping in this hall of mirrors this factory farm production town
the crop dusting plane is swooping down
is there a case for natural order being suppressed
or pitchin' your scarecrow
(lookin' to the heavens)
and ultimately hoping for the best so sow some seed, tend your plants
avoid the milling hoards of ants
get down a backstreet plotting shed
and face the solitude that causes dread i’m gonna jump some styles
try ‘n avoid the bull
and head off into some other fields
try my hand at a different crop
to see what that can possibly yield build a dry slate wall
chop some logs
disappear in order to see through the fog
create a roof overhead
get up high beneath timber eaves
head back to the grazing mountain lands, maybe with a sack full of weed killer and some insect spray
climb atop the nearest mountain range
grab some big ol’ walking sticks
and steer clear of the well-beaten tracks