#28. SMOKE, SCREENS, SIGNALS ecological disaster
so protect views of the tower
architecture’s stealth bomber
hades gates and darth vader
safdie spills beans to expose gladiatorial backstabbers
but outside the arena none of this matters
the objects are similar
the names too familiar
no public affection
for ego ridden architecting
all the talk is of going green
we know what is needed
but we know what this means
that bribery will become the latest symptom
as glass box headquarters continue
to increase the problem
as brick built boxes remain the emblem
with zero carbon and petty connections
technical jargon and accreditations
there will ultimately be no government reigns
to prevent private development runaway trains
until its too late, too late to be sorry
as a hard acid rain
burns holes through our brolly’s
so keep every light on
all through the weekends
every office floor lit up
it’s the most costly street lighting
that money can spend
while some silly fool sticks a windmill on top
of his house but his only interest
is having some half-baked political pop
for he cycles downhill to get to his work
while his ties follow in style
in the company merc
so lets carry on wasting the worlds natural resources
the environment question is just horses for courses
along with protected corridors
sight lines and green buffers
to see the logic behind things is getting increasingly tougher
it seems a mute point
the fashionable call for some bans
initiatives, recycling and doing all that we can
the mask of misleading
paid lip service prohibitions
when the after shock ripples of continually building
is people left shuffling
and going through bins
and some wanker with a mouse
sat in a box room thinking
it's alright to design as a matter of course
brass skyscrapers
and 300m glass walls
that are intended to look like some large waterfalls