#27. SEVEN SHADES OF SHOREDITCH airbrushing old bridges
the coming new order
the homeless shelter at the churches door
cranes loom large at the border
everything’s being drowned out
the stench and stains of yesterday the voice of dissent is being painted out
but only in shades of flat matt grey new buildings like hotcakes
graffiti forewarning for months there’s been something going on kept secret behind the hoarding
the tins stacked in the corner shop
the shelves in the window buckling
unlike the coming metro store
you’ll discover that they have most things it’s all being shifted on
further east and far away
so much for our society
and the integration that was meant to be the march of marble pavements
we’re haunted by our own reflections
in the name of regeneration comes
machinations and covert social cleansing the CITY LIMITS sign
the cardboard cut-out protest
against the clouds it makes a stand
for the outsider who remains oppressed
the humble, human touch
a scale continually displaced the disorder collage of urban life the creativity of non-corporate craft the hangmen manoeuvres
the health and safety order steel skeletons rising behind the screen
amongst multi floored marauders
the dragon down the road
boxed in by scaffold
with lines and boundaries now ignored the chance for difference has been sold to the east to the west to the north to the south
the same is happening in this urban growth
juno, jam and jaguar shoes
paper cuts and café prague
the endangered voice of defiance
pretty soon it will be star bucks i’ve made the connection being faced with reflections
but what fate awaits those 3 white doves long tethered to the girders?