#26. ODE TO UTZON resistance and restraint
above everything else should be shown toward
limiting one’s proposals to other peoples constraints
for the artist should deepen the mystery
said a back alley painter whose ghost follows me
it’s about technique and perception and the latter’s the key not everyone’s imagination can be totally trusted
for most walk around with the blinkers on
imprisoned by taste and those same old conventions
their prejudiced views and the way things are done naturally suspicious of any suggestions
because they’ve not seen anything like it before
a fact that’s made plain by a mid 20th century story so once upon a time to continue the rhyme
came a man from europe’s open wounds
to a land of extremes and ultimate truths
outside they played on the most ancient of surfaces while inside he felt for past civilisations then dreamt and planned with a daring vision
for the dawning state, a tribute fitting
an icon of cultural space
not a simple cost reduction pure function type place
with jagged white glow piercing matt blue sky stands the most celebrated of structures (celebrated of course now that time has passed by) an imposing creation with sensitive lines grounded in mankind’s search through the ages to providing it’s shelter and finding design
but then in the end he was duly denied they cut him out of his picture as the end was in sight for when they’d arrived those years ago
they hadn’t seen the stowaway
so despite golden sand and turquoise sea
amongst them, lurked old tendencies
and faced with exotic creatures in their multitude they couldn’t shake their old school views
and so they hit land and started digging
the same holes as back home with vertical thinking
and using what’s-gone-before logical progression
the buildings have been going up for centuries
forming off the peg, one size, fits all, global cities
was the response in building on virgin soil
all those missed opportunities, all that head-down toil what stands on the edge of that distant harbour stands with something they wouldn’t ever question a science of support and water spanning
not arty-farty theoretical conjecture
it's been said and said again
that while success has many fathers
it's failure that remains a lonely orphan
now he’s been called back or so i’ve heard
but this time working from home as he won’t be coerced to confront the discrepancies within the emblem that’s become the pride of a laid back nation this is not the end of art as we know it
but a sign that proves we shouldn’t sit back and give what they already know
to ensure forth coming long term business and offer up only what everyone has already seen in all those glossy lifestyle magazines past methods are no longer possible
or actual in these modern times
so what’s the point to replicate
the way things precise and ornate? (this is what you learn at school to ground you in the basic rules)
what is needed is some lateral thought
to recognise the 'safety first' that consensus forms then the polarities of ideas on either side
relax the rigid control of the well trained mind and look for ways of doing it different
embrace the uncertainties of chance
then go and dig in someplace else