#24. ROOM WITHOUT VIEW got my sling shot loaded
creepin’ up on the giants
in their shadows i’m hidden
and i won’t be compliant
with building designs restrictive demands help build only what's sellin'
the flames of fallacy fanned it’s time to stop the over intellect
we’ve got to be more selective
and direct what we do toward the masses ‘stead of keeping it within this current stasis the politics of our distant profession there’s simply too much misplaced messin’ which seems to fail to be concerned
with the politics of a wider world there’s a lack of an honourable agenda no truth serum, no mind bender
it’s all being played out painfully straight accept what your given and no dissent the tail wags the dog on every level
with governments indebted to development buildings have become ruthless cash generators and traitorousness dines on profits and wine while the nation stands idly by as a waiter
we need a voice to speak up
to break this silence that is now corrupt
it’s time to attack the dispassionate act
of puttin’ money in walls and not looking back with meaning lost amongst the verbalists trudging through reams of integrity plagued text and words so big they don’t make sense
we need to change what we stress all social theorising should cease
those simple thoughts writ down so long
you’d think they were crafting war and peace should be put on hold until we get the basics right achieve a common consensus
and gain long term foresight but there’s nothing ‘cept for my eyes to glaze over from peering through the image haze there’s little time for militant minds
whilst breaking through to the other side you’re trying to compete
with skills and advice that are obsolete
in a situation packed full of rivals
screw each other to death for commercial survival
we’re failing to break down those who monopolise with impotent dissatisfaction we only fantasise this game full of snakes, there aren’t many ladders the investors, the agents, the property developers