#23. CONVERTING WITHOUT CONSCIENCE converting warehouses converting schools building on pitches and moving the goals
converting wastelands between roads and bridges converting canal banks and estuary edges
converting embankments along railway tracks satellite dishes, bins, bikes and small washing racks downgrading churches restoring salvation
by carving up altars and putting kitchens in
inserting partitions and floors - the new tools
retaining old 'features' and making new rules
cutting down trees and building in fields
opportunity means nature is brought swiftly to heel knocking down factories kill industrial ghosts
replace everything with new domestic outposts
front line ‘communities’ protected by gates broken glass ledges ring pioneer estates
converting poor districts and areas run down pushing up prices and things underground demolishing the past and even those listed
a nice empty plot is more important than history
opportunists now see that old space is ‘amazing’ they talk of preservation but nothing is sacred
digging up graveyards and removing the bodies
development sees only per-square-footage-profits convert every last space no matter how small shoebox apartments are provided for all