#22. CHINESE BURNS the’yre getting out, faking out, and making out like bandits lets grab emerging economies and start countin’ the hits breakaway, takeaway and get out there early
everyone’s at the far east feeding frenzy these populations are providin' opportunities by the billion they're seen as nothing more than another place to build in the generations of peasant farmer traditions now left with only family divisions
are forced to make financial decisions they’re migrating, leaving for the big city and 20 hour days to make a living a nations youth crammed in tiny dorms bunk bed living in threes and fours wake, work and sleep and nothing more ‘cept market-forces sweatshop floors no clocks, no signs, no exit doors sprouting cities like wildfire weeds
but this now seems more like
you can forget developing controlled hypotheses plantin' 'form follows function' laboratory seeds 'n takin' time craftin' small art house ideas
THIS is modernism’s machine for living
your hand’s been moved whilst you weren't lookin' it's now on the tiller without a rudder
the textbooks been replaced by the highest bidder so to the problem of critical masses strugglin’ to keep up with the call for houses urban disparity from distinct classes
it's a glazed uniform for global trends
of life amid cleaned poisoned gasses from every corner they’re flooding in
like water flowin' from a broken main
we’ve all lost control of where we’re headin’ so which of us occupies the prime position? whores....or an architectural boutique store? it's factory outlets and cheap labour
the west is commissioned to help provide new city powerhouses with civic pride are these trojan horse tactics being employed? free market capitalism no longer denied
a global gear shift has already come
by using designers who want to leave home