#21. PREACHING AND PRACTICE these are the merits of an architect’s employment nothing to do with designs enjoyment
this is a city where you tend to find
your imagination becomes paralysed its like loving water
but hating to swim (lengths)
standing on the edge unable to jump in
yet you’re down in the depths, submerged by those sounds
struggling with all those strung out words and what the hell they’re on about building is full of bad lieutenants there simply aren’t enough columbo’s but this is the way to make it pay there’s nothing like corruption

so disband the band
when caught red hand
whilst seeking out those
contracted contacted
old-school backhands
reincarnation is the key
for commercial redemption
and the re-asurrance that you're on track not broken down in a layby

change you name
hope no-one sees
pretend to have new skin
like it’s the 60’s and the 70’s
down the old kings road
or early 1990’s hoxton
but where d’you go now for some ideas since they long since left this building elsewhere seems to solely speak finance or monotone designer cliques those creeping commercial crowds
ties in every bar side street
turn to the edged winds again tirades are made in this rough trade there’s so much jealousy
nothing can get done i find myself increasingly incredulous
in a game that’s completely impervious to doing good and getting higher
burnt out youth upon ritual pyres
now its time to illuminate for a dawn surely must
come to this darkened state