#20. PARTIALITY PUBLISHING PRESS is this journo on the payroll of make a propaganda chief
a tabloid hack simply on the take shuttle back and forth
for what it’s worth
and opportunities to include ken and make it sound good as you can you are the editor after all
its any excuse to get him in
foster’s at a loss, lets get ken in
with smug photo and stupid grin
and show how much more money he makes and what a success he did make
in his new company (the name is make)
in the last financial year what is this comparison for
but to further pathetic and mythical wars
and spread ill feeling amongst separate ranks allegiances severed and all the thanks
to this light weight sensationalist rag
how we despair at this 'scandal' ridden mag
this is nothing news of no-ones fall superfluous fluff through which we crawl
some snap shot flavours of the month
promoting non-entity every week
its definitely been downhill to here
sidetrack stories
facts remain unclear
misleading readers from any bigger picture
serves only to further such cod conjecture this nations buildings are out of sync
and on the brink all we sense and see
is a professions increased redundancy