#19. THE RATS INDICATE THAT THIS SHIP IS SINKING the situation we have at hand
is both play and rewind buttons
pushed down and jammed
and a scene of warring sniping factions and everyone pulling in opposite directions this old tape recorder
with its same old tunes how can norman sit and say that maybe (and then only ‘maybe’) houses of our modern day
in britain are so tirelessly twee
harking back to supposed ‘history’
and I find my self shouting back
because there’s nothing else for the public to pick and choose to buy and call their home and in asking the most obvious question
and so answering his own query in the process he continues on in bewilderment
does the public want what the public gets?
or the other way round? whatever that’s meant to mean (well, whatever, i guess)
what exactly is he attempting to convey
whilst sitting on a fence like a politician
for this cannot be news at this late stage
of his lengthy notorious career surely?

that the lack of any ‘consumer’ choices
is down to no-one offering any proper alternatives
and nobody fighting for something more for housing issues with no awards
and concentrating throughout these shores
on this nationally scaled domestic chore

everyone would rather be away
in far off foreign more worldly locations
doing mixed use-art-gallery-museum-skyscrapers concerned with the height of their own profile whilst The Beige Death silently sweeps this nation the reichtag yes, but tell me more
about the corner of london wall
the ideas in replacing spitalfields building at moorgate and holborn circus surely every design school crit
would see it fit to harshly judge
the southbank down by tower bridge he like the broader profession
should be unequivocally embarrassed that it took someone outside to say
what was for so long badly overdue
and address the big issue that won't go away architects
our position within society and artistic culture has recently reached an all time low here we stand attempting cool like a grown-up at a teenage disco we gaze at our elders respectfully seduced by false authorities
so unlike every other creative force
we toe the line and play it safe and aim for things that have been done before what is the point of even having a go?
it’s become too easy a thing to do but these big names do insist on speaking up as expert voices to be untouched
its an insult to general intelligence
when housing remains in such a poor circumstance
and mainly because those who the press always see
have continually relented and turned their backs since success came calling in the 1970's