#16. GLASS HOUSES NO STONES privatization, maximization false prophet walls, seal in ventilation
glazed ceilings are the ultimate deniers
the taller the space, brings more buyers for hire
those vast empty foyers, the air conned oasis
plants aren’t for outside, or slate grey paved landscapes
we’ve seen this before and we’ll see it again
so it’s now time to speak up, for my jilted generation
it’s time to come down on the smugness and pride
of those grown arrogant with success satisfied
we’re on the outside and we’re looking in on smooth, sleek, ‘sophisticated’, co-ordinated completions
still there’s little envy, i don’t want a piece
i’d rather be out in these cluttered chaos ridden streets we’re trapped in the shadows of esteemed towering figures we’ve been here a while and things are only getting bigger i now know that i don’t want to have any part within this profit driven charade
I think i know where all this is headed i can guess where the bodies are gonna be buried
those hulking great forms with vacuous souls
skyscrapers clustered like overgrown tombstones the time has come the walrus said
time to get it in your head
there’s nothing up this garden path
‘cept laborious dedication to useless tasks wrapped up and sold and increasingly masked
while debate surrounds on western grounds whether modernism was actually a style or not
with people always designed upon architecture consistently frowned upon neither polarity has got it right
people will always have their tastes
hasty buildings blight most landscapes
the truth it hurts but it should be said
success brings more of the same again
and deliberate design arrives in many forms through intention, it’s both bad and good that are born
while the mirror ignored will lead to mannerism, trend and stylistic expression
for those who continually refute the suggestion