#14. WINNING BATTLES/ LOSING WARS so what you gonna do
how low you gonna go
providing more for less
bent over and duly taking it
the client wants so they’ll always get so where are you gonna draw the line how much will you be pushed around how far do you have to squint
to see the arrival of your next few pounds how long you gonna live in fear
of monthly paychecks and the coming rent of losing out if you dissent
by standing firm and saying no
cos “yes” is easy but you’ll pay for it
so how will you try and defend
your motives questioned by unlearned men or buckle and bend until you break
under time-worn tactics of territorial aggressive persuasive threats
they know you are at their command standing smart and to attention
facing the corner they failed to mention where there’s nowhere left to turn
but the pathway to profits along which ideas are ritually burnt
so will you bluff to gain respect and see how brittle this structure is you know it only will take one for a revolution to come