#12. BIG SMALL SHORT TALL BUILDING BLUES we designed a building of 13 floors they said it should have 13 more
it’s gotta be big so it can compete with all those others along the street be sure it’s the biggest in town
and people will come from all around it’ll get in magazines and books
the only thing matters is how it looks but how we asked, do we make big seem small? the planners don’t like huge things at all
what we need is a magician here
to make this building appear to disappear why don't we build it upside down?
or simply hide it underground?
but what’s a building without elevations! they said with scoffing indignation
down there nobody'll see our fine creation! maybe a cloaking device or camouflage a chameleon skin or sabotage
the process with idle threats
like the russians do down in phuket
then you can get anything built
iconic edifices without any guilt
providing for growing population figures
is defence for towering egos getting bigger it’s all a case of supplying demand nothing we do is underhand
so get those floors and cram ‘em in we don’t want thoughtful design-ing it may sit empty for a year or more
but that’s the story behind many doors minimum requirements are the key we’re not some building charity if we get a photo and put the building in the planners won't have anything
to doubt about our buildings traits when they find it built, it'll be too late this modern design needs a progressive feel so lets make it out of glass and steel
that way there won’t be any objections since all they’ll see is their own reflections it seems to be that in these times a building ain’t a real building
unless it’s 99 storeys tall
or if something lower, twice as wide
affecting skylines throughout the nation through big dick competitive organisations