#11. SNOW WHITE AND THE DESIGNER WHARFS as any cricketer will say
white isn’t the most practical of colours
for a pair of trousers in which you play a game
no sooner do you sit down
no matter how careful you are there's always some kind of mark, some kind of stain but despite this truth in designer circles
in the white walls that architecture habitually uses white persists and remains monotone, diagrammatic, plain and non-committal to any atmosphere on a human level people required to live in the prism
all whiteness and sparse minimalism
possessions presented a la art gallery
a utopia divorced from reality what place for stuff
that dreaded flowery wallpaper or 3 porcelain ducks
the family photograph and frilly net curtain all these things become a serious problem
nevermind unruly kids scribbling on the wall in felt tip pen
the frivolity of family life
taste/homeliness/practicality and maintenance with this pre-determined designer goal
is there any interest in society as a whole
the office, shop, hotel, museum transplanted to the domestic room
a white out space and emptiness and it’s not like this clean aesthetic doesn’t comes at a price unlike the daz doorstep challenge there's no supermarket shelf solution
no absolution nor antidote
to daily wear and tear to keep your walls, whiter than white