contact < HOME NUNSWITHGUNSDESIGN is an architectural outlaw and gun for hire. we design brand new buildings & environments and recycle old ones through the refurbishment and remodelling of existing buildings and their interior spaces. we also like to put an equal emphasis on doing other stuff in order to critique and bear witness to the role that buildings play in society/culture, the consequences of architectural design, and the effect it has on people and the places they inhabit. the first rule is there are no rules, only constraints and constraints don't kill off creativity. there is no pre-determined aesthetic, no such thing as style. there is only space, material and motive. our concern is not with the hang ups of tastefulness or trends, but the reality that every space provides momentary experience(s). mixing and storyboarding different spaces together defines our designs less as single entities, but more as sequences and journeys that are seen from the point-of-view shots of individual experience. a building therefore, can be observed to be 'a collection' of such journeys/experiences that just happens to have an eye on presenting itself to the world outside. our interests lie in attacking the status quo, the expectations, protocols and well trodden paths of interior/building/architecture to avoid 'the mono' which is found in much of modern design. operating with polarities, variety and contrast, the aim is to unite the theatrical with the utilitarian / the unusual with the commonplace / the communal with the intimate / the reclaimed & second hand with the new / the material with the ethereal / the past with the present / the known with the unknown to produce a diverse and multi-faceted Collage Architecture. speculating on what things are and further what they can potentially become, our intention is to elevate everyday situations and make the ordinary extraordinary.